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They are alternately referred to as political, climatic or else economic. So many adjectives which tend to rank the diverse causes compelling a human being to flee one's own country. By creating those categories, we are legitimizing some, for whom we easily shed a tear in front of smoking images that we then quickly forget...while at the same time we are excluding others from this "right to a tear" claiming their motivation is less honorable. Indeed, aren't they coming to take away our livelihood, us Europeans, born lucky bastards, pardon my French? And even tough...It takes so much courage to leave everything behind! Whether the threat be the barbarian's Kalashnikov, misery and hunger or even the impetuous hurricane which destroys life without warning, it takes courage to grab one's child under one's arm and risk one's life on a journey, sadly

never-ending...And when luckily, those miraculous survivors finally see the coast of Freedom, at best, we welcome them in a hostile atmosphere, when we do not simply turned them away like so many offerings to the Mediterranean sea already in mourning with too many dead people in one's womb.

I known a man who left his native Portugal in 1968 for foot...hoping for a better life and to raise his child with dignity. This story is also the story of those women and men, who are ultimately only searching for their right to happiness.

Each one of them is a hero and their courage commands respect.

Some of the benefits of this T-shirt are donated to the LAR Association.                          aims to integrate refugee and migrant families through agriculture and promotion of the rural environment. The association develops solutions for families in difficulty, without resources and without stable housing.The goal is to create a sustainable structure that gives these families a new perspective for the future, promoting the creation of a project of life in their host country

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