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Simple and spontaneous, French people use the expression « SUPERBO » (SO BEAUTIFUL)  many times a day …


The woman behind this project is Katia Coelho,  fashion journalist who worked in Paris for 20 years.To escape the fast fashion industry always more superficial, she created  S  U  P  E  R  B  O *  The Cultural Brand with an asterisk as she likes to define it, to express her passion for words. Focusing on two staples of the modern wear, the sweatshirt and the t-shirt, she focused on their timeless and unisex characteristics. According

to the sign of the times and the news, those two basics, wonderful canvases for expression, become social, cultural or even playful thanks to the original concept of  S  U  P  E  R  B  O * which revolves around the asterisk.


« We tried to develop the ideal unisex sweatshirt and T-shirt: both soft and comfortable while elegant but not “à la mode” because by definition what is fashionable inevitably becomes out of fashion! Each detail has been carefully thought out, like our neckline and edges. The fabric is key. We wanted high quality! Strong but not stiff, smooth but not flabby, soft but not woolly… In short, we wanted a worn look. Because if a good pair of jeans exists, also exist a good sweatshirt and a good T-shirt, the one we hold on to, that we wash again and again and which becomes each day more beautiful. Simply put, our sweatshirts and tee-shirts are just   S  U  P  E  R  B  O *»

“It’s because we have things to say and are committed that we looked for a concept  S  U  P  E  R  B  O * and different. . We thought of a brand, which would be witty and would know how to play with words in a subtle way, without fear of displaying divisive but essential subjects. We are convinced that culture, sharing and humor are key and will make us grow together within the generation  S  U  P  E  R  B  O *, sometimes disenchanted but always willing and cheerful!

Trans-generational  S  U  P  E  R  B  O * aims at gathering around essential shared values a mindful and caring generation  S  U  P  E  R  B  O *


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