Is a unisex high-end brand born in Paris, designed in New York and made in Lisboa, three emblematic, cultural and appealing capitals who well represent the trademark.  S U P E R B O*  is born by the desire of giving sense to "the fashion things" , this is why its original concept turns around the asterisk, this little typographic symbol, which refers systematically to a note. Each sweaters and t-shirt posts a place, a name, `

a point of view or any quote or saying. Each post has in common a dedicated note inside of the clothes, directed by the asterisk embroidered at the front of the piece, like a kind of cultural guide to wear.

More than a simple brand,  S U P E R B O*  claims a state of mind.


Our sweaters and t-shirts are 100% made in Portugal respecting organic standard and certified with

Oeko-Tex 100 Class II and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standar)